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September Priorities For Your Garden

The arrival of September may prompt some people to pay less attention to their garden, as the days get shorter and cooler and summer blooms start to fade.

However, that would be a major mistake, because this is actually a very important time of year to be active, ensuring you are ready for the changing weather and getting everything prepared for next year.

This can be arranged into two categories: what you need to do with plants and what you need to do to physical structures.

BBC Gardenersโ€™ Worldย lists some of the tasks relating to the latter. It advises to remove greenhouse shading to maximise the effects of weaker sunlight. It advises to check water butts and downpipe fittings are in good order ahead of autumn rains. Tree and plant supports need to be tied firmly to deal with high winds in autumn storms.

To this might be added any other bits of garden furniture, fittings and fixtures that are not in a good state.

Now, for instance, may be a very good time to use fencing services in Londonย if you have a wooden fence that needs a bit of TLC; after all, you donโ€™t want it blowing down in a gale and damaging the plants around it, as well as wrecking a boundary between properties. Your neighbours may be particularly unimpressed if it comes down on their side and damages their garden.

Of course, there isย much else to do in September, such as planting spring bulbs and swing seeds for perennials. You should also give the lawn one more mow and collect up the first falling leaves of the season; these should be removed from ponds or covering over greenhouse panels (thus blocking the sunlight) and used to make compost for next year.

September is indeed a busy month, but by taking the right steps to be ready for the seasons ahead, your work will be rewarded with a garden that copes with everything the next two seasons throw at it and thrives when spring arrives.

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