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Why October Is A Good Time For A Garden Makeover

Gardening is a 12-month activity, but there is no doubt that the highlights are mostly in spring and summer when all kinds of blooms flourish and the wildlife comes to visit in its abundant variety.

Now we are in Autumn, the opportune moment has arrived for those who want to carry out some major alterations.

There is a very simple reason for this. If you want to transform the lay-out, you don’t want to do it in Spring or summer precisely because it will bring maximum disruption at a time when the garden should be looking at its most beautiful. These are the seasons when it should be showing off its best, so you want the work to be done long before and displaying the results six months hence.

At the same time, winter is an inopportune time because the ground can be frozen hard and it’s not much fun being outside for extended periods.

So, autumn it is. Now is the time to decide what you want to change. As organisations like the Royal Horticultural Society know, this is not about having a one-size-fits-all approach, as different sizes, shapes and configurations of gardens offer a range of options.

Indeed, you can go for some elaborate landscaping with a large garden, but with a smaller one you can make the most of having neat little features that add character and potentially wildlife habitat.

October is also a time to get some of the basics done in your garden. If you have a lawn, it’s time for the last mow of the year. Leaf mould from the autumn cascade can be composted. It’s time to plan and plant new borders, plant spring bulbs and sow vegetables, not to mention spring blooms like pansies and wallflowers. Tender plants need moving indoors or into greenhouses.

While you are doing all this and landscaping your garden to set it up for next year, don’t forget to clean out the bird baths and get the seed holders up – it will ensure lots of feathered visitors through the winter and into next year.

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