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How To Care For Your Lawn In Autumn

With autumn now upon us, many people will wonder how they can best care for their lawn at this time of year and in the months ahead.

Now we are in late September, now is the best time in autumn to mow your lawn, as it may still have some of its long summer growth in place and it can be tidied up well before the darkest days of the year arrive.

It is certainly important toΒ mow your lawn in autumnΒ to keep it neat and tidy, as well as making sure it is well watered should we have a bit of an Indian summer in London.

However, an expert gardener will mow the lawn in a different way in autumn. This is because the mower will need to be adjusted to leave the cut grass a bit longer. This is to enable the blades more green leaf to maximise the limited sunlight of the season in order to photosynthesise effectively.

Cutting isΒ not the only task that needs taking care of. Your lawn may need regular raking to pull up any moss that is growing there, as well as any other debris like old grass cuttings, fallen leaf material and so on that may have built up. All this can go in the compost.

You should also take steps to ensure the lawn drains well as there will be more rain in autumn and winter. A pitchfork can be used to add holes to the lawn, with a sandy dressing ensuring these holes are filled with porous material to let the water escape.

However, some gardens needΒ extra helpΒ such as installing drainage channels on the side of the lawn or planting more moisture-loving plants to soak up the excess water.

Whatever your garden challenges this autumn, there will always be experts on hand to help, ensuring your lawn comes through autumn and winter in the best possible shape.

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