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Garden Fence Installation & Repairs London

While most people prefer to fence their homes all by themselves, having a professional landscaping company do the garden fence installationΒ is what makes the difference for you. The fundamental feature of a fence is the posts that must be accurately spaced and with a strong foundation.

Well, every other person out there assume they can do this. Inaccurate spacing of the posts is so evident that everyone can easily tell that something went wrong. The proper way of creating a foundation for the posts ensures that you can be able to see any decomposing wood over time.

It is less likely that a professional landscaping company can make some of the mistakes that homeowners make while trying to do the garden fencing by themselves. For example, what matters the most to homeowners is just to have a fence around their house regardless of how it was set up.

Professional landscapers on the other hand understand the need for a professionally built fence. Proper garden fencing requires a lot of precision in terms of how you space the post, set up the foundations and attach the fence boards.

For this reason, you are better of working with someone who understands what they are doing rather than exercising self-confidence and end up in failure.

Garden Fence Installation and Repairs London

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    How Greenlight Landscaping sets up a Wood Board Fence

    A wood board fence is the most common type of fence found in many households. The easy setup is perhaps what draws people to choose a wood board fence. When setting up this kind of fence, the landscaping company will send some building experts whose role is to:

    Set up the Fence corners

    The corners are meant to guide the builder on the space that the whole area occupies. Remember, you cannot start fencing from the middle. It is very easy to lose track of the process if you do not start your work from a definitive place.

    Install Corner Posts

    Installing the corner posts can take a significant amount of time when it comes to garden fence installation. This is a clear indication of the essential role that the posts play within the whole fence set up. The posts should be installed with great care and the foundation reinforced to ensure maximum stability. The corner posts serve as a reference point. Once you have set up all the corner posts, next comes the string lines. It is by using the string lines that you can easily tell where the rest of the posts should go.

    Garden Fencing Services London

    Measure and Mark Positions

    Using the string lines to ensure that you stay on course, measure the preferred distance between each post and mark the areas where the posts will be placed. The distance between each post should be equal in order to give the fence some form of professional appeal. You don’t want your fence looking as if it was built by amateurs. The marked areas is where you dig holes for each post. Landscaping experts advise that you apply the posts with some wood preservative in order to slow down the process of decomposition.

    Attach Face Boards

    There are minor activities that take place before attaching the face boards. Some of these activities including using concrete to reinforce the foundation of the posts and attaching the top and bottom rails. Once you fasten the face boards, it is now time to paint the fence and give your home a brand new look.