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5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Garden Fence

Ready to build your garden fence? Great choice! A garden fence is a beautiful addition to every home. Besides protecting you and your loved ones, it also adds to the aesthetics of your home while keeping intruders away.

Nevertheless, before you jump right into installing a garden fence, there are certain things you have to consider so you don’t end up wasting time and resources. Without proper preparation, you could get on the wrong side of the law by simply building a fence.

That’s why we advise homeowners to consider the rules and regulations guiding their area, the weather, and their budget before building a garden fence. 

What is the right garden fence to install?

Have you settled on the right garden fence to install? 

It’s actually quite common for homeowners to struggle to decide on the right type of fence. That’s okay because there are a couple of great options. Some of these options are so similar that it makes the process even harder.

Since different fence types meet different needs, it is very important to choose the right one. Before you start worrying about building a garden fence, you should take some time to pick out the right one. We usually advise homeowners to work with professionals while choosing a garden fence. But if you must do this yourself, you should explore these three popular fence options. 

Solid fence panels

This type of garden fence is a perfect option for people who are investing in privacy. You will appreciate the strong material and large panels that block off the outside world.

Even with the gaps in between, you still have no worries about people snooping. No wonder it is a popular choice among many homeowners. If you are considering this option, you should look out for lap panel fences and featherboard fences. Both options are aesthetically pleasing while giving you the privacy you look for.

Solid Fencing

Semi-solid fence panels

Another popular option among homeowners is the partial-solid fence panels. If you need a cooler look and a bit of privacy, you will be happy with this choice. These panels are typically geared towards decoration rather than security. Basically, something light that combines more beauty and still gives you a form of privacy. 

This is the best bet for people that want to have the option to chit-chat with their neighbours across the fence. Some types of fences in this category are hit-and-miss and picket fences.

Trellis fencing

Trellis fencing is a great option for increasing an already existing fence. It adds height and beauty, as it is usually very decorative.

They are best for climbing plants. Square and diamond trellis are fun types of trellis fencing.

4 Critical Elements to Consider While Building a Garden Fence

1. Regulation guiding fencing in your area

Having picked out the right garden fence to install, it is time to talk about the building codes in your locality. We strongly recommend checking with your local regulatory office before installing a garden fence. What height of garden fence is legally allowed in your neighbourhood? Is there a mandatory fence type for your neighbourhood?

If you are working with an expert, you may not necessarily have to worry about this, as they should already understand the rules guiding each neighbourhood.  However, if you are embarking on a DIY project, you must understand these rules and strictly adhere to them, to avoid getting in trouble with the law and even your neighbours.

For instance, the maximum height that’s allowed for front yard fencing and backyard fencing in the UK is 1 and 2 metres respectively. So, if your fencing choice is above that, you should totally change your preferences or seek planning permission if need be.

2. What season is best to install a garden fence?

Another vital factor to consider is the weather. Is this the right time to install a garden fence?

The wintertime is usually a struggle for most DIYers because the rain and wet soil can be really frustrating. Hence, people typically wait until winter is over to embark on projects like this. 

However, if you are working with an expert, this might not necessarily be the case because an expert knows how to navigate every climate.

5 Things To Consider Before Installing A Garden Fence

3. How much maintenance can you give?

Your ability to dream big doesn’t apply to installing a garden fence. If the maintenance you are willing to give doesn’t match your choice of fencing, then it’s time to opt for a fence type that requires less maintenance.

Just as there are plenty of options, keep in mind that their maintenance needs vary widely. Make sure you carefully look at the maintenance tips for each type and select the one that is most attainable for you.

4. What is your budget?

Last but not the least, you must consider your budget. Look out for the best possible option for your budget.  It is very possible to install a beautiful garden fence without breaking the bank. In fact, we compiled plenty of affordable options in our previous article titled What Is the Most Affordable Fence to Install?

Installing a garden fence without proper preparation is a big mistake. You may end up wasting your time and resources. Take out time to carefully consider these essential factors before building your fence. Do not be in too much of a hurry, so that you do not get disappointed at the end.

For professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Greenlight Landscaping. We are here to help!

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