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What Is The Most Affordable Fence to Install?

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of fence installation. If you are looking for the most affordable fence to install, we urge you to take the time and consider the various types of fence materials, the height, length, and contractors involved.

Do you need a luxurious modern fence or a simple traditional fence? How high should the fence be? What is the length of your home or garden? Are you looking to do it yourself (DIY) or hire a contractor? Your answer to these questions determines how much you pay at the end of the day.

To ease the decision-making process, we’ve compiled this article to highlight different types of fencing and their respective cost of installation. We hope you find this helpful.

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Types of Fence by Materials and Cost

Wood or Timber Fence

A wood or timber fence is undoubtedly the most popular type of fence in the UK. Yet, it still ranks among the most affordable to install, with a total cost of installation running from £550 to £2000 depending on the materials used, number of panels, height, and design.

You get to choose from a variety of colours to match your exterior décor. However, be ready for close maintenance because wood is prone to rot and decay especially since it is exposed to changing weather. You may need to coat/paint it to increase its longevity. Additionally, in terms of security, it is not a strong deterrent as you find in metal fencing.

Composite Fence

Think of composite fencing as the best of both worlds. Made of plastic and wood (and sometimes concrete), this fence option is a go-to for many homeowners who want to spend less but still enjoy a modern fence. It is highly durable, withstanding harsh weather conditions, rots, and insects.

Even better, it is very easy to maintain and ranks as one of the cheapest fences to install in the UK, with a cost of about 1700 for a four feet fence. You can find it in a variety of designs and colours to match your taste.

Stone or concrete fencing

Although the most expensive of them all, you will appreciate the privacy and security this type of fencing provides. Bricks are strong enough to resist virtually everything including harsh weather, rot, decay, and unauthorised entry.

We recommend this option for homeowners who are keen on security and privacy. But keep in mind that you will spend more than the typical average cost of fence installation. Installing a concrete fence involves more labour than others. You will need a strong foundation and an expert to build the fence. This is not an easy DIY project. Bricks are heavy too, adding to the already high labour cost.

The materials are expensive. Additionally, there are fewer variations as seen with other types of fencing but you can paint the bricks to suit your exterior décor.

Metal Fence

Metal fencing might not be among the top affordable fence to install but it is the most durable choice if you are looking for a fence that will last for a very long time. To achieve this level of durability though, you will need to pay attention to maintenance because metals are prone to rot, especially when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Painting will go a long way to preserve its mechanical integrity. This cost of maintenance and the cost of installation makes it one of the most expensive fence options in and outside of the UK. Be ready to spend up to £2500.

That said, don’t forget it provides the best security option compared to wood and PVC fencing. You also enjoy a variety of aesthetic options since it comes in different designs and colours.

Plastic Fence

This has got to be the second cheapest fence option after composite fencing. It is very quick to install and requires less labour compared to other types of fences.

Despite being cheap and lightweight, you will be happy to know that plastic fences are highly durable, proving resistant to harsh weather, rot, water, and decay. It is also easy to maintain and lasts for a very long time.

Lap Panel Fence

Lap Panel Fence

This is an affordable fence to install that comes in handy when you need complete privacy.

It is cheaper than most fence designs, costing anything from £450 for a 4 feet fence, depending on the type of post you use to support the fence.

Slatted Fence

Slatted fences are a durable and privacy-focused choice as seen in close board fencing. Only this time the horizontal gaps are a bit higher but just as good.

The cost is quite similar, starting at £650 for a 4 feet fence, however, keep in mind that this price can be lower or way higher depending on the materials of choice, labour demand, height, and length.

Picket Fence

Costing anywhere from £450 for a 4 feet fence, a picket fence is unarguably one of the most affordable fence to install.

It is no wonder this type of fence is a popular choice among homeowners. Picket fencing is not just cheap but also aesthetically pleasing. But the gaps in-between mean less privacy.

Weave Fence

Eco-lovers will appreciate this choice of fencing as it features woven natural wood strands.

In terms of cost, this can vary widely as it depends on multiple factors including the thickness of each strand.

However, this is as close to natural fencing as you can get and the privacy option is still very much appealing, especially with the strands closely knitted.

Getting the most affordable fence installed is a lot of work because there are just so many variables to consider.

Therefore, we recommend working with an expert to bring your dream fence to reality.

For professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Greenlight Landscaping. We are here to help!

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