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7 FAQs To Consider When Installing A High Garden Fence

Are you ready to set up a fence for your garden? Great! But have you considered the height requirement?

Yes, you read correctly. There is a legal height limit for garden fencing that you should keep in mind whether you are installing a high garden fence or replacing an older one.

In line with the building codes, the government has made this mandatory in every neighbourhood. Therefore, smart homeowners know to consult an expert or familiarise themselves with the dos and don’ts including legal problems, personal privacy, and local laws before taking on any DIY fencing project.

Before you get started, take a minute to explore these commonly asked questions about garden fencing. We hope it helps.


Do I Need To Take Into Account Any Legal Standards or Rules?

If you feel the need for privacy and wish to install a fence higher than the permitted maximum height of 1-2 metres, perhaps because you live close to a busy road, we encourage you to obtain a permit.

This would require you to apply to your local land registration council for planning permission.

Whatever you do, please don’t ignore this step because it is legally mandatory before erecting a high fence.

When Is Planning Permission Needed For A Fence?

In the United Kingdom, the legal maximum height restriction for a backyard garden fence is 2 metres (6.5 feet), whereas the legal maximum height limit for a front yard fence is 1 metre (about 3.2 feet).

That said, keep in mind that there are even more conditions that require you to obtain planning permission. These include;

When Is It Okay To Build A Fence Without Getting Planning Permission?

It is important to state that not everyone looking to build a garden fence is mandated to get a permit.

A legal permit is only necessary if you are erecting a fence higher than 2 metres. You can very well stick with a height range of 1-2 metres without any trouble.

What Might Actually Happen If I Don't Obtain Planning Permission For My New Fence?

If you are installing a high garden fence that is higher than the legal standard without first obtaining planning approval from your local council, you will most likely get an enforcement notice which would require you to remove the fence.

In addition to that, you may face some complaints and conflicts from your neighbours. Save yourself the stress and wasted money by playing by the book from the start.

Whose Duty Is It To Install The Fence; You or Your Neighbour?

This is actually a very important question because it has caused too many disputes between neighbours over the years.

As a result, before completely tearing down an existing fence to install a new one, you must know for a fact that you are the actual owner and take into account how the high fence will affect your neighbour or their garden if they have one.

Since fences are frequently used to demarcate the boundary between two properties, it can be challenging to determine with certainty who is the true owner, especially if the fences are placed close together between the two properties.

Interestingly, you can determine the real owner through your property deeds, but this can be difficult to obtain. Instead, try talking it over with your neighbour.

Let them know your plans and see if you can reach a mutually acceptable arrangement.

Are There Other Permits I Need To Obtain Besides The Usual Planning Permission?

This is largely dependent on the type of residence you live in and the conditions under which you are currently residing. Sounds complicated, huh? Let’s explain. Basically, permit requirements differ based on certain factors.

Some people may need no permit while others need one or more permits while installing a high garden fence.

You may fall under the second category if any of the following applies to you.

Where And How Can I Request A Planning Permit?

We strongly recommend visiting your local council since these rules vary widely.

Your local council is in the best position to state exactly what applies to you and direct you on how to get it done.

They are also in charge of issuing permits and estimating costs and fees.

Therefore, there is no way around this. Make the time to visit your local council before commencing your project.

Building codes are always strict, irrespective of the size of the project.

Therefore, we encourage you to do due diligence before installing a high garden fence. This will save you from legal battles and the stress and cost of starting all over.

We hope this article answers your questions. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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