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Fence Installation Prices & Saving Tips and Tricks

Building a fence for your garden is a great style choice and a good form of security for your home. Whether you want to increase privacy or keep strangers away, you made the right choice by going for a fence.

That said, one of the first essential steps to take is to outline your needs and get an estimate of the cost. The last thing you need is to go into this project unprepared because the fence installation prices can be as cheap as a few pounds or as high as a couple of hundred or thousands of pounds. You should be aware of what to expect.

In this article, we attempt to give you a picture of everything that factors into the cost of installing a garden fence. We hope it helps.

Factors that influence fence installation prices

1. Type of fence and material

The most significant factor that will influence the final cost of installing a garden fence is the type of fence you opt for. Since different fence types require different materials, it makes sense that you will spend more on some garden fences than others.

If you are going for contemporary designs, rest assured you will attract a little more cost. The material used for the post also determines the cost. Is it a concrete post? Or timber? Are you adding gravel boards?ย 

2. Size of fence

As you consider the different options for a garden fence and materials, you should also keep in mind that the size of the fence can either increase or decrease the cost. Expectedly, a high garden fence of, say, 6ft will cost more than one of, say, 4ft, just as an 8ft fence will cost more than a 6ft fence. Size does matter.

And thatโ€™s because the size determines the amount of material to buy. The more materials needed, the more money you have to spend.

3. Are you replacing a section?

Some people only want to install a section of their garden fence. If this sounds like you, you shouldnโ€™t worry much about the cost.

Typically, you should expect a lighter bill if you only replace a part of the fence. Say a part of your fence is broken, and thatโ€™s all you want to fix; you will spend less than replacing the entire fence.

4. Time of installation

Another thing that contractors factor into the overall cost is the time demand. Expect to pay less for a simple project that will take a day or two.

While projects that run for a couple of days or a week will cost more. This is totally up to your choice of the fence and the contractors handling the project.

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5. The contractor

Another thing that makes a difference in the fence installation price is the contractors you hire. There is no fixed price in the industry.

Contractors charge within a range based on their experience and expertise. So, keep that in mind as you hire a professional contractor for your garden project.

Average Cost of Fence Installation

Now that you know these factors that can increase or decrease the cost of fence installation, you understand why giving a one-price-fits-all answer is not so simple. The best way is to get a custom quote based on your needs.ย ย 

The average cost of fence installation can run into thousands of pounds. Be prepared to spend anywhere from a thousand to three thousand pounds for a complete fence installation.

Additional expenses that increase the cost of fence installation

Besides the above-mentioned factors, it is essential to know some extra things that could increase the cost of fence installation.


Itโ€™s common for homeowners to install a gate in addition to the garden fence. If this is what you are going for, then be aware that the gate installation will add to the overall fence installation price.


Of course, your garden needs a facelift. Consider adding the cost of landscaping to your overall price.


Painting is mandatory to improve the exterior decor and protect the fence from decay since it is exposed to changing weather conditions. Depending on the type and amount of paint, plus whether or not you need to hire a professional, the cost could run into hundreds of pounds, increasing the overall price of installing your garden fence.

Waste removal

Fallen leaves are not pleasing to the eyes. As you work on your garden fence, you may want to remove the waste. Although this has nothing to do with the fence installation, it is one of the side factors that can increase the overall cost of fence installation.

5 Tips to save some money on fence installation

All in all, you are most likely surprised to see more zeros than you thought. Yeah, fence installation can eat a bit deep into your pocket. However, we have found a few corners you can cut to help you save some money in your garden fence project.

  1. Stick to an average size
  2. Go for cheaper designs
  3. Try DIY
  4. Remove waste and prepare the site of work yourself
  5. Consider doing the landscaping if you can

Building a garden fence comes with many benefits. You donโ€™t have to break the bank to enjoy these benefits. Be sure of what you want and find some safe corners you can cut to keep the cost within your budget. For more assistance, donโ€™t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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