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What To Sow In November

It can be very hard to motivate yourself to spend time in your garden once the temperature plummets and the cold sets in. However, taking care of your garden during the autumn and winter months is just as important as during the warmer seasons. If you want beautiful outdoor space this spring, this is what you should be planting in November.

  • Fruit

While you won’t be able to enjoy freshly produced fruit for a few months, this is the perfect time to plant new fruit trees and bushes, according to theΒ Royal Horticultural Society.

  • Broad beans

Fans of broad beans should spend some time sowing overwintering broad beans. These can be planted either outside or under cloches, as long as the soil is well-drained.

If it is particularly cold where you are, you could put them in pots within a greenhouse, as this will protect them from the frost outside.

  • Sweet pea seeds

Something else you should start in your greenhouse next month is sweet peas. Sow some seeds in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse if you want a pretty display of flowers at the beginning of spring,Β Thompson Morgan recommends.

  • Spring bulbs

If you can bear the cold weather, wrap up warm and spend some time getting your bulbs into the ground so they come up in spring.

Tulip, daffodil and hyacinth bulbs are all pretty flowers that will give your garden some colour as we come out of the wintry months, so make sure you fill your borders and planters with some of these.

For more information on weeding and pruning in London this autumn,Β give us a call today.

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