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Weed removal & Hedge pruning services in London

Your garden and lawn are amazing sections of your home where you can relax and spend time in nature. However, weeds creep up and interfere with its tranquillity and the health of your foliage. An overgrown hedge is also an eye sore, so you need expert weed removal and hedge pruning services in London.

Hiring professional weed removal & hedge pruning services in London

A DIY approach may seem fun and productive initially, but you’ll soon see the sense of hiring professional services. Besides saving you the time and hassle of weed removal and hedge pruning, we offer other benefits:

We have suitable herbicides for your garden: You can buy herbicides from the local gardening store, but those may harm your grass and other foliage. We assess your garden to determine the safest and most effective way to eliminate pesky weeds.

We perform soil tests: A lawn riddled with weeds indicates an underlying problem. Therefore, we will first analyse the soil quality to rule out the possibility of its state contributing to the infestation. If we find any issues, we know what steps to take to curb them adequately.

We keep hedges healthy: We don’t just come in and trim the hedges. We first assess its condition and formulate a care plan. With regular hedge maintenance services, we ensure your hedge grows healthily and sustainably.

We make the hedges beautiful: Our highly trained professional team ensures your landscaping ideas come to life through an artistically-trimmed hedge. We combine weed removal with hedge pruning to make the entire garden look amazing. Our team can reproduce any shapes you desire.

We have the right tools for the job: Trimming hedges and removing weeds requires the right tools for a responsible and sustainable outcome. We have invested in those tools, so you don’t have to. You only need to call us and let us handle the work for you.

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Weed removal & hedge pruning services in London is your answer to the challenge of keeping your lawn looking amazing all year long. Get in touch today for expert and affordable services.

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    What to expect from our weed removal and hedge pruning services

    To keep your garden and lawn free of weeds and the hedges well pruned, we offer:

    Expert analysis of your garden and lawn to find a lasting weed solution

    Our round-the-clock services are available whenever you have a hedge or weed emergency

    Regular hedge pruning and weed removal services

    Safe herbicide use in your garden

    Weeding/Pruning Services in London