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Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

Now that the summer blooms have died down and the frosty nights are on the way, it’s time to get your garden bedded down for the winter months. Here are some jobs to get done now to keep your garden in top condition, and ready to spring forth next year.

  1. Rake up fallen leaves

Once a week, rake up fallen leaves from the lawn, and borders and paths. Bag them up and store them, so they will gradually break down into leaf mould. You may find that the leaves break down in different stages, but eventually you will have the perfect mulch material to boost your pots, borders and beds next season.

  1. Weeding

It has been a very mild autumn so far, and weeds have probably been continuing to grow in your garden. Use a fork to dig out the roots, rather than just pulling them up, as this will ensure that they won’t simply grow again.

  1. Care for your lawn

If your lawn has taken a battering this summer from kid’s games, or high temperatures, then it pays to give it a little bit of attention at this time of year. If it needs a trim, raise the height of the blades on your mower by 3 or 4cm, and wait for a dry day. Next, rake up any moss and other debris.

To help prevent the waterlogging of your lawn over winter, Gardener’s World recommends that you spike the turf with a fork, to a depth of 8cm, at intervals of around 15cm. This stimulates root growth, and helps with surface drainage.

  1. Check your garden buildings

If you have a greenhouse, Which recommends cleaning the glass panels to ensure that the maximum amount of light can reach your plants over winter. Also check on the condition of your shed, to make sure there are no leaks and you can safely store tools and non-frost proof glazed pots and garden furniture over the colder months.

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