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Step 1: the first step of the project we had was to remove the existing turf that was very old and not looked after. The old turf is removed with a special machine turf cutter. The machine removed the top layer of the soil which consist of the existing turf and some of the soil. That is all bagged up by our landscapers and taken away if agreed with the customer.

Turfing Project 1

Step 2: the next step is to add the needed soil and fertilisers which we always recommend for the process of re-turfing. Once we have removed the old turf and have added the soil we rake the top soil in the whole garden and keep a very steady level. The level is created to lose any holes in the garden or any uneven places which have to be levelled so that the new turf is even throughout the complete garden.

Turfing Project 2

Step3: undertaking the previous steps comes the moment of laying the actuall turf. At Greenlight Landscape we use the best turf with very good feedback from domestic and commercial users. The name Medallion actually speaks for itself. It is a very high quality turf and suitable for any soil and shaded areas. The turf is layed on the top soil and fertilisers with a precision and making sure the level through remains to a high standard.

Turfing Project 3

Finally it is time to get the roller going and then to water the new turf so that it grabs itself with good, healthy and stable roots. On completion our team of professionals will always provide you with the most accurate instructions on how to keep it healthy and evergreen.

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