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Turf laying services in London

Creating a new lawn is the best way of changing the entire look of your garden. You can lay a partial lawn in areas where the grass is shapeless or you can replace it altogether for better results. A question most people ask is why they should pay more for the turf instead of simply rearing grass naturally. It is important to understand that grass seeds take longer to mature. This means that your home garden will remain bare for a period of time before getting some grass cover.

When it comes to turf laying, there is a lot of misinformation about the whole process. A lot of people simply don’t know the best time for turf laying. Gardening experts argue that the best time to lay the turf is during warm spring and autumn seasons that are characterised by a lot of rain. To start with, not everyone understands what turf laying entails. Despite the task appearing very simplistic, a lot goes into laying the lawn in a professional manner and not just for the sake of it. You can expect that with the professionals at Greenlight Landscaping will never go wrong with the process.

The Turf Laying Process

  • Turfing begins with preparing the area. Our landscape surveyors will visit the site and assess the ground.
  • The next step involves workers preparing the area and making sure that the ground is levelled.
  • The preparation process also includes removing big stones that could create an uneven surface after the lawn is laid. In areas where the surface is uneven, the workers scoop or add some soil on the uneven parts to create a levelled surface. Preparing the entire area leaves the soil very loose on the surface. However, this only happens for relatively smaller gardens. Larger areas require specialised equipment for firming the soil. After this is done, a rake is used to ensure that the ground is levelled.
Turf Laying Services in London

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    Turf Laying Services London

    Once the garden area has been prepared and everything is set, the turf is placed over the soil and fertilisers in such a manner that different turfs are joined like brick wood.

    The turfs should also overlap such that a person cannot tell where they are joined to each other. In order to obtain clean edges, the excess turf is cut using a turf cutter.

    One of the secrets behind great lawns is that the turfs should be given time after installation. Some people are always in a rush to see results and end up jeopardising the entire process.

    It is important to remember that once the turf is laid on the soil, a little pressure should be applied on the top side of the turf ensuring that it makes contact with the soil. Instructions will be provided for the daily maintenance of the lawn, ensuring that the turfs do not dry out because of a lack of water. It will take approximately 3-5 weeks before your lawn can establish.

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